Palladium / Platiunum Workshop

This workshop is limited to 1-3 students at a time that will work at my home/studio in Krokstrand, Sweden, about 20 minutes from Strömstad.

Each day will be spent working with me in the darkroom with your negatives, printing your own work.

This is a hands-on very intensive workshop, designed so that you leave with a strong working knowledge of the process and a foundation that will allow you to return home and continue to work within the process. You will have 24 hour access to the darkroom and I hope you’ll be in there for many enjoyable hours.

You must have digital files to work with before you come to Krokstrand.

The tuition for this workshop is 8 000 SEK + VAT for a 3 days course. There is an additional lab fee of 2 000 SEK for Palladium only and 3 000 SEK for Platinum and Palladium.

The lab fee covers Chemicals, Paper, Digital Negatives and Pictorico Film. It also includes material for framing two of your prints in our framing workshop.

For more information abount the workshop content and course dates, please contact us.